Friday, August 9, 2013


(Mom, I will not be paying you any royalties for posing on the cover.)

God willing, Sarah and I will be moving away from Idyllwild and Camp Maranatha before the end of the year to pursue my calling to pastoral ministry. Understandably that presents us with a mix of emotions. Mostly, we are excited but anytime you tear up roots as deep as the ones we have sunk in Idyllwild there's gonna be some pain too. We have not yet made our decision on where to go from here, but all signs are pointing to a decision within the next month, and a move before Thanksgiving.

Moving is expensive, and the Tates will be in need of cash. So here's how you can help. To raise money to help us move I have written a book containing 50 collected poems, which I have written mostly over the past three years.

The book, titled "Like Smoke," contains such lines as;

As the sun spread
Over the frozen field
It blazed and bristled
Like an elfin army-
Millions upon millions
Of silver spears.
(From the poem "Burning Bushes")

She spoke words into me
Like a spark into tinder
And watched with joy
As the wild thing spread.
(From the poem "Spark Into Tinder")

and many, many more...

I will be posting a few poems between now and the end of the month so you can sample the goods.

Here's what the critics are saying-

"Like Smoke is the single greatest thing ever written in the English language. Move over, Shakespeare!"
Tosh Jate

"After reading Like Smoke I decided to stop being a writer. Everything I have ever written comes off like the ugly sister compared to this book. In the pages of Like Smoke I witnessed the highest summit of prose, and it was such a height of excellence that my efforts as a writer could simply never attain. Why continue? My life is a mediocre waste."
Chuck Berlinsky

"Wow! Just wow!"
Barak Obama, 44th President of the United States

So buy my book and help us move. This is a limited time offer. I will only be accepting orders between now and the end of August.

Here's how to order.

Between now and August 31st I will be taking orders for "Like Smoke." The books will be printed toward the end of August and you will receive your book no later than September 14th.

The cost of "Like Smoke" is $12.00 per book, which includes shipping and handling.

Please send payment to

PO BOX 618
Idyllwild, CA

Please indicate the number of copies you would like and what address to ship them to.

Thanks for helping us move!


Anonymous said...

Are these autographed copies too?

Steve Leader

Josh Tate said...

Definitely autographed!

Abigail said...

WHOAH! This is big news. I would most certainly like a copy, but we're leaving today for the weekend, so I won't get payment out until early next week. That's cutting it pretty close to the wire, I know, but I'm not known for my timely responses.

Lisa said...

Josh, this proves what l always knew: you are a writer!

Abigail said...

Welp. August flew by, and now it's September 2nd, and I just put some money in the mail today. If it's too late to exchange it for a book, then please use it to buy your wife some candy. I like her, and with an impending move, she might need some extra sugar.

Joshua Tate said...

I'll make sure you get your book, Abigail. Thanks for helping us move!

Anonymous said...

Do you have any copies left? My copy arrived today and I am impressed! Want to order a couple more to give as gifts. Aunt Roxanna

Joshua Tate said...

How many more would you like?
I'll give you the Auntie discount.