Saturday, May 14, 2011

THE BUMMER-FREE ZONE'S NATIONAL ANTHEM- "Sweet, Sweet Corn on the Cob" (written and performed by Josh Tate*)

*One day, on a whim, I typed my name into Youtube just to see if there were any other Josh Tates making news out there. I was surprised to find that several Josh Tates were featured in Youtube videos, but none of them struck me as being particularly worthy of my name until I happened upon a video of Josh Tate, not me but a black man living in Baltimore, singing a song to a female co-worker on his last day of work. Did he quit? Was he fired? I don't know, but that was the context. He seemed relaxed so I have always assumed it was an amicable parting. With a name like Josh Tate I am sure that he wasn't fired. I imagine that he found a way better job where he made loads of money- that's what a Josh Tate would do! I originally linked the video here, but when I went back to see if I could find it, I was sad to discover that the video was no longer available on Youtube, and all traces of Josh Tate (him not me) had vanished from the face of the interweb (I am very much present on the interweb.). The song was "Sweet, Sweet Corn on the Cob," which I immediately memorized so I could sing it to my kids at bedtime. Thankfully that allows me to recreate the song here. I have googled the lyrics, but likewise to no avail. This has led me to believe that Josh Tate (him not me) wrote the song himelf. I am reluctant to claim this song as the BFZ's national anthem without first obtaining permission from Mr. Tate, and I think it would have also been cool to interview him about the song (and being a Josh Tate) before posting this, but alas he has slipped away and out of reach. I did make a good faith effort though. Sorry, Josh Tate for stealing your song. At least we're keeping it within the brotherhood. Josh Tates of the world unite!