Thursday, August 11, 2016


Fellow Pastors, I recently read Piper's book, "Seeing Beauty, Saying Beautifully," and it prompted this thought. I wonder if you have experienced the same. As I am preparing my messages and struggling to find fitting words to describe something that I have seen in God's Word, in the very act of trying to wrestle that idea down onto paper, I am drawn into a deeper, wider pool where I see truths that are more excellent and beautiful than the first. My plan had been for the message to terminate on the first idea, but instead it becomes merely the entry point.

This is why, although I think it is unfair to demand that a preacher have a beautiful way with words, it is fair to demand that your preacher be one who wrestles to describe what God is showing him in his own words.

Human words can no more contain the deep mysteries of God, then a hiker's boots can contain a mountain range, but they do allow us to explore the higher reaches and experience some beautiful views. Saying begets seeing.

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