Tuesday, April 24, 2012

**NEW FEATURE**: What's going on in this picture?

In this edition of "What's happening in this picture?" we are going to disect the cover photo from The Teen's Topical Bible.

The year is 1990, a group of teenagers gather in a park after school lets out to talk about the day's events and discuss the sort of problems that only teens face. Just before this photo was taken... (What's going in this picture?)

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al'xae said...

Just before this photo was taken Jenny (the girl in the peach shirt on the bench) was talking with the football player (Trevor) about how to get better spin in his throws (Trevor throws like a wuss). Trevor is oblivious of his weak football skills and thought that Jenny was totally flirting with him... but then the girl with the bike lost control of her breaks and just about ran into them both. Good thing she managed to bail and save them all. Her books fell hither and thither but Chaz (clearly the guy in the middle with the rectangular hair) and his good buddy Otis were there to help the bike girl back up and help her collect her books. Chaz, ever curious of what reckless biker chicks read decided to open her books when out of the bushes the Topical Bible Paparazzi jumped up and took this very photo.