Sunday, April 1, 2012


You may interested to know that I recently authored two letters. The first was a brief but stinging missive to Subway Corp. recanting the content of an earlier letter in which I enthusiastically praised their eatery. Why the turnabout? Well, Kwik Market and Delicatessan at the intersection of Roxford and San Fernando Road in the the fair hamlet of Sylmar, CA has stolen my heart with their product, which is decidely delicious in a superior sort of way. In fact, their sandwiches are so mighty in taste that I can't help but look on Subway's feeble efforts as weighed, weighed and found wanting. Consequently, the second letter will be dispatched with all due haste to the good people down at Kwik Market so that I may communicate the fullness of my appreciation for their superior product which makes all other sandwiches appear shabby, limp, inferior, and, frankly, inedible.

To my readers in the greater Los Angeles area I implore you to do yourself a favor and treat yourself to a Kwik Market sub at the earliest opportunity. You will not be disappointed.


MomZup said...

I had the distinct pleasure of dining on a Kwik Market and Delicatessan sub while in California in November of 2010. It was truly delectable!

Marlene Rini said...

I have had nothing but top shelf experiences at Kwik Market & Deli. I would even be willing to bet you that they send you a free sandwich coupon if you wrote them!