Friday, July 20, 2012


Dear SNL Writers-

I have an idea for a Saturday Night Live Sketch. I know you probably get a lot of these kind of letters, and I realize they must be kind of annoying, but still I felt compelled to write you with my idea. Thank you for your patience. You know those artists you find on boardwalks and county fairs who do portraits of people? I think it would be funny if you had a sketch in which a retired police composite sketch artist decide to make some extra money doing quick portraits of people. Of course every portrait, no matter how innocent the subject, would come out looking like a dead-eyed loner who is responsible for heinous acts against society.

After several hilarious encounters with the sketch artist turned sidewalk portrait entrepreneur the skit would come to an end when a man, who looks like evil personified and bears a striking resemblance to a nearby composite sketch of an unidentified serial killer, sits for a portrait but the reulting portrait makes him look like Wally Cleaver. After he pays and takes his portrait a second man is pressured to sit for a portrait by his giddy girlfriend. The resulting portrait (which in no way resembles the man) is eerily similar to that of the unidentified serial killer, and the surrounding crowd beats the man and hands him over to police. The police are not sure they have the right man, but once they are shown his portrait they stuff him and cuff him. Of course, the comic gold is the dialogue which you would have to supply, but I think it is a good overall framework for a successfull skit.

Respectfully Submitted,

Josh Tate

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