Tuesday, July 17, 2012


"Just give me two hours with that s---head. I'd f--- him up!"
Young white male in his mid-twenties, wearing knee-length denim shorts, Dr. Pepper T-shirt, and a white, trucker-style baseball cap with a single word, "POWER," emblazoned across the front in black lettering. He was speaking into his cellular phone device as he walked in front of Idyllwild's Chevron Station. I observed him walk past Mountain Top Liquor before crossing the street and turning into Village Market, speaking into his phone all the while. I found it kind of amusing that he felt he would need two hours to "f--- up"the unknown third party he was referring to. "He needs to go back to bravado school," I thought to myself. I imagined his Mother questioning his ability to change a tire and him shooting back, "You just give me a week alone with that car and I'll show you!" Then I wondered to myself if he would physically possess enhough stamina to "f--- up" someone for the full two hours. That sounds like it would require stamina on par with Super Man. I think I would tap out after a couple of minutes. In fact, I was told at the police academy that if you don't win a fight in the first two minutes then you probably lost.

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