Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Last night I felt a sudden shiver of excitement as I realized for the first time that Football season is less than two months away. We're almost there!

Here are five predictions for the upcoming football season.

1. Sadly, John Madden dies- somebody can't figure out why all the players have "JM" on their jerseys.
2. Happily, Tim Tebow converts more people than passes in New England.
3. First female referee debuts, makes a controversial call, ensuing debate is seen by the ladies on The View as sexism.
4. Superbowl Champions, Baltimore, Ravens, close the season with a losing record.
5. Superbowl is played between the Denver, Broncos and the Washington, Redskins.  The Skins win by 10 points.


Mike Reno said...

Hail to the redskins....
Beat the rams.
Don't be changing your name either!!

barefootkangaroo said...

I wish the rams would come back to LA.