Saturday, January 30, 2010


This past Thursday I discovered ROSS. It's like a flea market where everything is brand new. I'm a huge Ross fan now. Okay, I will admit that their selection is kind of limited, but you can't beat their prices. I needed to add some depth to my shoe lineup so we swung by Ross to see what they had.
They're weird, I know, but they were only $9.99, and they fit, and they're not that weird anyway. I call them "the ducks" because their colors kind of remind me of a mallard.
Don't be jealous.


MomZup said...

Dad wants to know where Ross is located. . .maybe he hopes to swing by as well!

The Fredricksons: Brian, Britney, Salty, and Jerry said...

I love Ross! I'm so glad you finally ventured in! You know, TJ Maxx is just like Ross, in case you didn't know. And there is one of those in Hemet, as well.

And yes, the selection at Ross is always if-y, but that's due to the fact they get the leftovers from regular stores. And the men's department is even worse. I rarely find stuff for Brian at Ross, but me, I get all my shoes from that splendid store!

The Sauce said...

I don't think they're weird. I think they're cool. I can't abide by that jealousy edict. I want me some mallards. Jaunty pose in that last pic--it's like insidious guerrilla marketing. I didn't know I needed 'em. Til I knew.