Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Since childhood I have been familiar with the Genesis 28 story of Jacob's dream where he sees angels ascending and descending the ladder to heaven, and everytime I run into that account I always have the same question- Why was he using a rock as a pillow? That sounds really uncomfortable...worse than using nothing at all. Couldn't he have wadded up a tunic or something? I think even scraping a little pile of dirt together would have been better then resting his noggin on the unforgiving surface of a rock. Does that part of the story strike anyone else as strange? My friend, John Cornish, who is a new Christian, found the story interesting and intends to recreate it out in the desert near his home in Palm Springs. I'll let you know if he liked sleeping with a rock for a pillow when he gets back to me.


Rocket Surgeon, Phd said...

i've always found that interesting too...and I've found it interesting in the same manner that the Bible mentions that Jesus's burial clothes were rolled up. Interesting detail. A rock?

marlene said...

It is very strange but Uncle Tony has been known to use O'Douls bottles & other very hard, strange things for pillows. He does this while watching T.V. on the floor when a perfectly comfortable sofa or love sac is left unoccupied.I think he would probably fit in the rock pillow camp.