Thursday, May 24, 2012


While sitting at my gate at the airport in Cleveland I observed a businessman walk down the corridor. He was perfectly dressed. Perfectly. Everything was just so. Clean, crisp and expensive. I watched in fascination as his black shoes, shiny like Darth Vader's helmet, beat a confident tattoo down the hallway.

By contrast I couldn't help but feel frumpy, stained and wrinkled.

He turned in and sat down at a gate across the hallway waiting for a flight bound for Newark. As he waited he slipped off his shoes, and that's when I made my discovery. His socks! From the shoe up his socks were identical. They were the same color, the same ribbing, but now that his shoes were off I noticed that the right sock was gold-toed and the left was not. They were mismatched! His mode of dress seemed designed to communicate his overall togetherness, but there they were- two mismatched socks. Decidedly untogether.

I was vaguely disappointed.

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