Friday, May 25, 2012


On the way home from our family vacation in the 802 we enjoyed an extended delay at the Cleveland Airport. The delay was due to the nincompoopery of United Airlines, but they apologized by magnanimously furnishing me with six meal vouchers, each valued at $10.00 a pop. So that is how I found myself standing in line at Bruegger's Bagels, meal voucher in hand, when I overheard the colorful staff make the following statements.

One of the employees, a young black male in his twenties, commented admiringly on the attractiveness of a traveler who was walking along the corridor in front of Bruegger's Bagels, which prompted a second employee, a black female in her thirties, to say "Ooooooooooooh! You better hope she like Bruegger's Bagels!" The attractive female in question continued walking past Bruegger's Bagels without stopping or acknowledging their comments, which may or may not have been audible at that distance.  This prompted a third employee, a black male in his twenties, to comment to the first male employee, "She seen you lookin' all stupid and just kept on walkin'!" which caused the entire staff to break out into riotous laughter. I also laughed, but not as long or as heartily as they for fear that it might be presumptuous of me to join them in laughing at the young man.

The chief delight of the staff at Bruegger's Bagels seemed to be commenting on the various travelers who passed in front of their work station as well as heaping abuse on one another. Listening in on their banter would no doubt prove to be a powerful and effective remedy for depression. I found it to be so. Such is no doubt born out of necessity living as they did in Cleveland, which, based on my limited observations in taking off and landing, is kind of a depressing little corner of planet earth.

Next, the eagle-eyed staff observed a male proceeding down the corridor who was sporting an enormous afro. Although I did not recognize the man at the time, once I got home I saw comedian/musician Reggie Watts (Photo Below) on TV as I was flipping through the channels, and I am 90% sure it was him. The first employee who observed the man, who I believe was Watts, commented, "That's Bigfoot right there!" and a second male employee followed up with complete disregard for the proper use of tense, "That's stank!"

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