Tuesday, May 29, 2012


1. I recently watched the U.S. soccer team play the scottish national team in what would prove to be a one-sided affair. (Team U.S.A. laid a 5-1 drubbing on the scots!) The game was played at a stadium in Florida, and plastered all over the stadium was the slogan "UNITED WE STAND." It struck me that this slogan, may actually betray America's growing concern over our lack of unity. Wishful thinking?  Would the Scots have felt the need to cover their stadium with banners declaring their unity to the world... probably not. Me thinks us Yanks doth protest too much.

2. When I take pills I fill my mouth with water first before popping the pills in. I have observed that most people pop their pills in and then drink something to wash the pills down. That's a sure way to get your pill stuck somewhere in the back of your throat or against your gums where you'll be forced to  experience that bitter pill taste. Fill your moth with water first and then toss the pills in and I guaranty you it will not get stuck. Down the hatch!!!

3. All cultures and ethnic traditions seem to claim stubborness as an attribute. It's actually kind of annoying to me when people make the following kinds of statements, "You can't really blame him for being so stubborn... he's (insert ethnic background here) after all!" Sometimes I can't help myself and I end up following such statements with this kind of response (mispronounce the ethnicity if possible), "Yes, yes, I was always told that (insert ethnic background here) are stubborn because they were bred primarily for mindless peasant labor. I suppose stubborness would come in handy for ditch-digging and such." Then walk away.

4. They need to create a Law and Order from the Criminal's perspective.

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