Friday, September 14, 2012


I just know this is Moss's last season in a Redskins uniform, maybe even his last in the league. The thirteen year veteran is like an old hound, and I just know that at the end of this season Ol’ Man Snyder  is gonna take him out behind the barn, tie him up and shoot him. It's the way of things on the Snyder farm. He's savvy, sure, but he has undeniably lost a step. He's no longer the deep threat he used to be.

"Sorry ol' boy, everybody's gotta earn their vittles round here!"

I am way too sentimental a person to ever own a football team (also way too poor). Joe Theisman would probably still be taking up salary cap space if I owned the Redskins. I guess I'm glad I'm not in charge. Still, it makes me sad.

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