Friday, September 21, 2012


1. This thought is kinda juvenile. As I lay in bed this morning I was thinking about State Universities in Pennsylvania, and how their initials are most likely UP, like as in "you pee." (Tee-hee!) Do students at UP Pittsburgh say they go to "You pee-pee." (Tee-hee-hee) Or maybe they reverse it and say PU Pittsburgh, as in "Pee-Yew! Pittsburgh" like the whole place is stinky. Whether it's "You Pee" or "Pee-Yew!" I don't know, but either way I am a fan.

2. Recently I have seen loads of news coverage about the spaceshuttle Endeavor hitching a ride across the country on the back of a jetliner. Everytime I see it I can't help but think that it looks like two planes coupling. Is this where baby airplanes come from? I should ask Boeing's CEO, Jim McNerney, the next time I bump into him. What's really troubling is that some people are still not open minded about spaceshuttle-airplane relationships. Please don't fill my comments section with Archie Bunkeresque tirades against interaviation marriages. Not since the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge has a couple's right to privacy been so flagrantly violated for the benefit of a voyeuristic society that has forgotten how to blush. Shame on you for reading this post.

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