Monday, December 17, 2012


1. If my feet are cold I'm cold. If my feet are warm I'm warm. I have found that feet are the key to the body's temperature control. If I'm lying in bed and it's a little too hot under the covers I just slip my feet out for some fresh air and- WHAMMO- instant relief. Conversely, if it's cold in the room I just need to get my feet warmed up and my entire self feels warmed.

2. I would guess that when I answer the phone at work and identify myself, "Good morning, Camp Maranatha, this is Josh," roughly half of the callers hear me say "Jeff" when I say "Josh." I must be saying it wrong to have such a large number of people hear me wrong. You would think after nearly 35 years as a Josh I would have become more practiced at saying my name, but apparently I am really bad at it.

3. Why are hospitals so uncomfortable? I have never encountered a chair or bed or any other piece of furniture in a hospital and thought to myself, "I've got to get one of these for my house." An airport terminal is more comfortable! Hospitals should be comfortable, right? I go there because you're in a state of discomfort and looking for relief. If I'm elected president I will make hospitals more comfortable.

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