Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Imagine a world where people changed colors depending on what emotion they were feeling. Lust, anger, embarassment, envy, love, hate, shame, sadness, etc... would all have a distinct color. In what ways would this change society as we know it?

It would be a colorful time for boys going through puberty. Speaking legally, it would no longer be inadmissable for a person to speak about someone else's feelings and state of mind in court. Politicians couldn't get away with their fakery and false compassion. Christians couldn't get away with their fakery and false compassion. People would certainly wear more clothing and makeup to disguise their emotions. Maybe the practice of covering our emotions would be viewed by the rest of society as shady and untrustworthy, or maybe just understandable. We kind of do the same thing with sunglasses today. Would it possible to control our emotions to the degree that we could actually change our skin color. I've never been able to stop blushing when I wanted to so probably not. It would take all of the drama out of TV, Movies, and the theater- unless actors actually felt the emotion they were portraying or the footage was doctored to appear as if they did. Colors would be so much more symbolic. Everything from national flags to the colors used in advertisements would change. It's interesting to think of certain scenes from the Bible as if the characters skin color was changing with their emotions. Peter's color would have gone from confident and trusting to doubtful as he slipped into the water. Thomas would have changed from a sad and doubting hue to the brightest joy as he felt the nail pierced hands of his savior. It would have been interesting to see the array  of Christ's coloring on the cross as he became sin, or would He have been the deepest shade of love?  And pan to all of the colors in the crowd of onlookers. Things would change profoundly if we could visibly see each others emotions. Color blindness would be considered a horrible affliction like being deaf. What would it mean to be born an albino? 

What if emotions weren't primarily inhabitants of our inner worlds, but equally public? It would completely change society if our emotions were known as soon as we felt them. I wonder if it would be for the better.

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