Thursday, January 17, 2013


As I write, (January 17, 2013) I have no way of knowing what kind of America you are reading this in, but I am sure that it is different from the one I know today, and it is certainly different from the one I grew up in. The reason why I can be sure of that is because the American experience has always been a moving target. America's citizens are like passengers on a train for whom the spiritual and socio-political landscape is forever changing. We are steadily rumbling toward the horizon of our national destiny. It has always been so with America. Remember the story of Rip Van Winkle that I read to you at bedtime when you were little? He fell asleep on the train, metaphorically speaking, and look at how much changed during his nap in the Catskills. The scenery is always changing for us Americans. I remember being surprised when my Grandma McCuen told me about seeing Civil War veterans in fourth of July parades when she was a little girl, and now we have an African American President in the White House. That's a good sort of change, but the direction of our country doesn't give me much room for optimism. I can't help but wonder what the view is like from your seat as you are reading this, and, even more, I wonder what you think of it.

I'm worried about you.

The train seems to be picking up speed.

Stay Strong in the Lord,


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