Thursday, January 3, 2013


"Girlfriend, I got it. Don't even worry about it!"
Middle-aged woman with two young boys (perhaps ages 9 and 7) to a second woman of like age who was accompanied by a young girl (perhaps 7 years of age). The two women and their respective progeny appeared to be traveling in company. They had brought a cart load of stuff to the check out at Fairway Market and when the second woman offered to chip in for the goods the first woman offered the above response.

"You sure?"

"Yeah, yeah, no worries. I got it no problem"


"No worries, girlfriend. Were you gonna get some wheat thins?"

"Oh yeah, I forgot."
After the second woman and her daughter shuffled off in search of wheat thins the first woman turned to her boys and said the following;

"I got you boys some diet 7-Up. You can make little cocktails with your OJ."
One of the boys began to speak excitedly in an infantile voice in anticipation of a diet 7-Up and OJ mocktail, which prompted his mother to say the following;

"No baby talk. You're too old for that."

Fairway Market- Idyllwild, CA

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