Tuesday, January 29, 2013


The following are 10 predictions I am making for this weekend's superbowl matchup between the San Francisco, 49ers and the Baltimore, Ravens.

1. Kaepernick leaves the game in the first half with an injury.
2. Alex Smith plays the entire second half.
3. Going into half time the Ravens will be ahead 14-3.
4. Going into the fourth quarter the score will be 14-10 thanks to an Alex Smith throwing touchdown.
5. One of the commercials aired will result in a boycott.
6. During the course of the game somebody will take advantage of the national audience to make a controversial political statement. The nation will squirm.
7. Harbaugh wives share the same box. Lots of camera shots of their reactions during the game.
8. Frank Gore punches in a fourth quarter touchdown. 49ers win 17-14!
9. After the game the commentators go crazy talking about what a classy and stand up guy Alex Smith is.
10. The brothers Harbaugh share a disappointingly uneventful handshake at the end of the game.


Hutch said...

If Alex Smith plays, he might stick around next season. I blame you if that happens. Kaepernick is the running QB that will make teams wish they were facing RG3 instead.

Josh Tate said...

Sorry, Hutch! That was a bummer. I wonder if they lost because I was rooting for them.

MomZup said...

I was rooting for the Ravens all the way! Dad did not really care! I thought it was a great game except for the electrical problems!!! How on earth did you miss that in your predictions.