Thursday, January 17, 2013


I am on record as saying that hamburgers are the best food in the world. Therefore the quest to find the best hamburger in the world is one and the same as trying to find the best food in the world. The official food of the BFZ is Carl's Jr.'s Jalapeno Burger, but I am open minded and always willing to give challengers a fair hearing. I was recently intrigued by commercials I had seen for Burger King's "Angry Whopper." That is easily the best name for a burger that I have ever encountered, but would its taste live up to its name?
Simply put, no. 
The Angry Whopper is wade with spicy crispy onions, jalapenos, pepper jack cheese, bacon, tomatoes, lettuce, mayonnaise, and spicy Angry Sauce. It was definitely delicious, and also certainly an improvement over the plain old whopper, but the name "Angry Whopper" oversold it a bit I think. It is not a serious challenger to the Jalapeno Burger. The taste just didn't have enough attitude to warrant such a handle. Maybe, the Miffed Whopper, Annoyed Whopper, or Passive-Aggressive Whopper would be more appropriate. I suppose that they could have WAY oversold it with names like "Enraged Whopper," "She-Bear Robbed of its Cubs Whopper," or "Jihadi Whopper," but still it just didn't seem "angry" to me. Maybe it's named the Angry Whopper because it's made from mad cows. One thing I did appreciate about the Angry Whopper was the addition of bacon. I have never known bacon to make a burger worse.

Still, it was a good burger nonetheless. I must concede it had strength. It was better than average.

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