Monday, January 21, 2013


Why is it that when we are asked to describe what it is exactly that attracts us to a close friend or significant other that we struggle to form a satisfying response?

It's not just that we have trouble finding the words, but the answer itself is elusive. The words would come perhaps if we could aim them at a target.

There also exists an awkward tension surrounding the very question. On the one hand a failure to articulate what it is that draws you to someone can make you wonder if the whole thing is less substantial and real than you had imagined. However, most any attempt to dissect the mysterious nuances of attraction with words will result in a product that falls well short  of the fullness of your experience. On the one hand, humans can't enjoy a thing to the fullest without praising its qualities in words, but on the other hand giving a full account of what attracts us to another would leave the relationship vulnerable because it has been framed in conditional language. Who wants to be loved if, because, or as long as?

But ask someone why they hate and the answer will come ready and quick.

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