Friday, March 8, 2013

Dear President Obama,

Dear President Obama,

I was concerned to read an article recently about a joint military training exercise called "Foal Eagle" between the armies of South Korea and the United States, which has sparked some bellicose rumblings from North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-Un. Of course, I trust that you will do everything within your power to safeguard the lives of American citizens, our national interests in the Pacific rim and to make good on our commitments to our allies, but that is actually not what I am writing about. I am writing to express my concern about the unimaginative names being assigned to these sorts of operations. I'm sure there must be some symbolic imagery associated with "Foal Eagle," but I think I could have done better. I would be awesome at naming military operations! Below are five operation names, which I decided to submit for your consdieration. This is just a sample. If you find that they have merit I would be pleased to send you more which you could forward to the Pentagon. I am not seeking any renumeration for this service. I consider it my patriotic duty. I honestly think they would go a long way toward projecting greater strength. This would both intimidate our enemies around the globe and comfort our allies.

1. Operation Momma Said to Knock You Out
2. Operation Rock the Casbah
3. Operation It's You, Not Me
4. Operation Friend Request Denied
5. Operation Here Comes the Tickle Monster


Joel Tom Tate

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MomZup said...

Oh, he is going to get you for this!