Saturday, March 2, 2013


At the beginning of the year I promised to break my all time posting record of 372 posts in 2013. Fresh off of making that brash promise I actually exceeded my goal of posting every day in January! However, I then hit a February slump with an anemic showing of 13 posts. Then I failed to post on the first day of March.

Great chuckling keyboard keys! These fingers of mine will need to fly like fury to make up that deficit. I'm up to the challenge though. I've totally got this! On days when I feel uninspired and I have nothing of worth to say I will simply have to write total drivel.

In the meantime, the number of daily visitors to the Bummer-Free Zone has continued on a steady decline toward eventual irrelevancy. No matter, a promise is a promise and I will march on toward my destiny of 373 posts. My course is unalterable.



abigail said...

Take heart! I'm sure there are other lazy, selfish readers like me who enjoy your words via blog reader and then scurry off without commenting.

We await the drivel.
Bring it on!

Joshua Tate said...

I am heartened!

Jamie Wood said...

I second Abby's emotion!

Joshua Tate said...

Hooray! Thanks, Jamie! This will provide me with emotinal sustenance to soldier on.

Tom said...

Third! I'm trying to be better at "clicking through."