Thursday, June 20, 2013


 When the Sperry Top Siders were recently retired the Doc Martens were promoted to Captain of the footwear, and although they still look fine they have developed horrible cracks in the sole which separates my tender feet from this angry earth which only wants to do them harm.
The cracks have widened to the point that they barely still function as shoes, but yet I cannot bear the thought of discarding them. They still look fine, and there are times when form trumps function.

In light of the Doc Marten's troubles I have promoted the New Balance sneakers to captain of the footwear. You might recall that when the Doc Martens first joined the line up the New Balance Sneakers were Captain of the footwear, but were soon replaced by the Sperry Top Siders. However, when the Top Siders met their demise it was the Doc Martens who got the promotion, but the time is always brief in the skin of a chief, and now the New Balance sneakers have once again claimed the top spot. They will get the start tomorrow, but they obviously have their own troubles as well.

The ironic thing is that they look worse than the Doc Martens, but they are in better shape overall. They are riddled with holes and the back of the heels has some kind of plastic sticking through that scrapes my heel. I have covered the plastic with electricl tape, which does help, but every once in a while I need to apply new layers of tape.

If the New Balance Shoes detieriorate much further I will be left with nothing but my boots and flip-flops. These are indeed desperate times. I may have to invest in a new pair of shoes sometime soon.


Anonymous said...

Bisso na bisso!


Joshua Tate said...

"Le temp est si bref
Toujours dans la peau d'un chef."

I think you are the only citizen of the BFZ who would have caught the reference.

Anonymous said...

Tom wouldn't disappoint, as long as his RSS feed is working.