Sunday, March 11, 2012


It has been awhile since I last brought an update on my shoes. Sadly, the Perry Ellis shoes and the Mallards are no more. I know! I'm sorry if that comes as a shock to you. The New Balance shoes continue to serve as Captain of the footwear, but just this past week the inner lining along my achilles heel wore away to reveal a sharp piece of hard plastic which was cutting into me. I used some heavy duty tape to perform a bit of emergency cobblery (PHOTO BELOW), and they seem to be as good as new. Whew! That was a close one for the Captain!
 The injury to the New Balance shoes couldn't have come at a worse time because a new pair of contenders has entered the line up and is challenging their status as the top dog of Josh Tate's footwear.
 These are the Doc Martens, recently acquired on sale at Marshalls. Something about their design reminds me of the shoes that they issued to the black troops in the movie Glory. "Whe-whe-when are w-w-we gonna get da-da b-blue, b-blue suit?"
I needed something nicer than sneakers but not quite as dressy as my Wing Tips. These fit the bill nicely.

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