Thursday, February 9, 2012


5 mattresses, 10 sheets, 11 pillows, 15 blankets= a rockin good time!!!


Rocket Surgeon, Phd said...

You guys should make a giant mint to put on your collective pillow

The Sauce said...

I need to smush (smoosh?) Miles' face. I can't wait to love on your kids. And I actually thought to myself "wonder how went the mammoth bed project". You're such a good dad, Josh.

Job, baby, take off the bandanna & shades, it's been 5 years. You got the girl.

security word? "warbil"

MomZup said...

Love, love, love your super bed project. I see lots of smiling faces so it would seem you are doing a good job. I had to look extra hard to see Jack in the first picture. Let us know when the event happens up in Chico! Love you!