Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mr. Mom

For the remainder of this week Sarah is up in Chico, CA with her sister who is in a family way and fixing to pop any moment. Sarah wants to be on hand to help out, and I'm doing my part by holding down the fort here in Idyllwild. This morning I woke up to no less than three of my children howling "I want Mommy!" Lucy escpecially, sweet little Lucy, is having a hard time with her absence. I have found her a couple of times alone and crying. More than once since Sarah pulled away yesterday has the front of my T-shirt absorbed dark splotches of Lucy tears. She's Mommy sick.

I've decided on a twin pronged strategy of structuring the day and continuously advertising the upcoming events I've planned. To some extent I'm embracing the weirdness of not having Mommy around. Tonight we're planning on constructing a "Super Bed" in the living room, which is to say we're going to push all of the furniture to the side and combine our mattresses side by side to create the largest bed in the world. I plan on sleeping in the "Super Bed" for the remainder of the week, with my heart-sick progeny all around. This morning a breakfast of pizza and strawberries welcomed them to the world. We have a fishing trip planned for either Frdiay afternoon or Saturday morning or both.

I'm aware though that I have all of you at my disposal. What are some other ways that I can help my Mommy-Sick little kids and make the time fly for them? Do you have any memories of Mr. Mom moments from your own childhood? Have any of you men-folk ever filled such a span of days in a creative way? Do you ladies have any tips for how best to care for my little Lucy without dialing up Mom on her cellular phone device every hour?

I eagerly await your advice.


The Sauce said...

I guess this is poor advice since Sarah's already gone to Chico, but for future reference, when my mom went away on a cruise for nearly two weeks (with your mom, no less!), she had in advance left a note & small accompanying gift to be opened each day. I was still Judy-sick. But I think it was fun, distracting, and a connection to mom(my) to have something kind of 'arrive from her' each day.

I guess you're SOL on this particular idea unless Sarah time travels.
Next time!!
The blog header pic of Sarah is gorgeous.


Sarah actually did do exactly that. She always does.


Sarah actually did do exactly that. She always does.

Rocket Surgeon, Phd said...

Two Words: George Lucas

The Brunetts said...

What if Lucy does something for Sarah to show her how much she loves her and missed her when she gets home. She could take pictures to document her days while they're apart... or make something... or tidy something... Maybe hand it over to Lucy to do something proactive?

The Sauce said...

Sarah is twice the mom Judy is. Get it? (Sarah is twice the mom Judy is. Get it?)