Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A few nights ago I walked down to the camp's office to get something I had accidentally left down there. As I crossed the parking lot I noticed that the floodlight behind the office was on. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I caught some movement to the left of the office, and as I turned I observed a coyote running at full speed out of sight behind the office. At nearly the same moment a duck came flying out of the opposite side of the building. It looked to me like the coyote had morphed into another creature as it ran behind the office, and shot out the other side as a duck.

So, of course, I went to the left of the office, got up a good head of steam and ran at full speed beneath the floodlights behind the office. Nothing happened. I was disappointed. Maybe I didn't run fast enough.


Tate Family said...

That was reckless of you. What if you had been successful and emerged a frog? You might have had a difficult time getting the princess in the log house to kiss you then.


I was hoping to turn into a liger. They're bred for their skills and magic.