Wednesday, October 10, 2012

PRODUCT IDEA- Snack-a-roni and cheese!

I love macaroni and cheese out of the box. (I know what you're thinking. How does he keep such a girlish figure with such eating habits? It's a gift. Don't hate, appreciate!) Honestly, the more generic the better, but the portion size is always just too darn big. I propose that Kraft come out with a snack sized portion, maybe 1/3 of a box, and promote it as "Snack-A-Roni and Cheese". I looked up Snackaroni and was surprised to learn that such a phrase is already in use according to the Online Urban Dictionary. I gotta get my snackaroni on!


Al'xae said...

Done and done. It's called "Easy Mac"


Anger! Why was I not informed?!?! Heads will roll. Thank you, Alexae. I am annoyed by such an uncreative moniker being assigned to such an amazing product. Easy Mac? That is so much lamer than Snack-A-Roni and Cheese.

al'xae said...

Quite true, your marketing idea is far superior... However isn't it lovely that snack-a-roni really does exist and I dare say it's even as good as the stuff you get from the box.