Saturday, October 5, 2013


Who can resist the urge to build and create with the Catan game pieces between turns as you play the best board game ever created? I can not. I have seen some amazing art created with Catan game pieces during my years of playing Settlers of Catan, and it is time to recognize this emerging form of artistic expression with a contest right here at the BFZ.

If you would like to participate, entries must be photographed and submitted by email before the first of the year. Send your entries to

Only entries consisting of one standard baggy of game pieces of a single color will be considered. No other materials besides the game pieces may be used and absolutely no glues, tapes or adhesives may be used either.

Here are some examples of some Catan art I made last night. These move in an architectural direction but entries can be whatever you like.
A pioneer fort.

Catan Henge (Surprisingly difficult to construct.)
A Mayan Pyramid
The winner will get a $10.00 gift card to Subway!

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