Monday, October 7, 2013


Tonight I'm writing from the Ramada Inn in Van Horn, TX, and I am exhausted. I won't be writing much. Yesterday at 1:06 pm our van pulled away from the beach house in Oxnard. Although there were plenty of unscheduled stops to pee we mostly just powered through until we stopped for gas at the flying J on the other side of the Arizona State Line. We had an emotional moment as we zipped past the 8th street exit in Banning.

Rolled in to the Irving's house at 8:45pm apx, and we were grateful for their hospitality. Had a nice but all too brief visit with them before pulling out early the next morning. East Arizona and Southern New Mexico were beautiful. I had never been to Texas before so I was excited to cross the TX state line. It was fun to Juarez on the other side of the Rio Grande as we drove through El Paso.

Mostly just mind-numbing miles and a whole lot of nothing as we drove. Kids are bouncing off the walls and nerves are frayed, but still it is an adventure nonetheless. The countryside is stunning.

Tomorrow we plan to stop long enough to tour the Alamo in San Antonio.

It's a big country.

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