Monday, October 21, 2013


 Please note that the front of the van was free of bugs when we left CA. It was not to remain so. Like so many six-legged kamikazes thousands upon thousands of insects wasted themselves against the relentless eastward advance of our Chrysler Town and Country. SPLAT!
 This is what our kids look like when they are watching TV in the van. TV in the van?!?! What an amazing invention? I would have loved that as a kid.
 Bowden atop the van outside a Starbucks somewhere in New Mexico.
 That may be true, New Mexcio, but...
 ...pound for pound there was more protein in the grill of that truck than you can get from beef.

 Eastern New Mexico and West Texas were infested with these winged monsters
 After a long day cooped up in the van the boys were wild as chimps. I took them for a walk around the railroad town of Van Horn, Texas. We happened upon an abandoned caboose. It was dark inside so we stuck the camera through a hole in the door and snapped this photo of the caboose's interior. The flash provided the light.

 We all climbed up on top of the caboose, and that despite the fact that the legality of doing so was murky at best. Extricating Miles from the roof of the caboose was possibly the scariest moment of the entire trip.
Enjoying ice cream after supper at the river walk in San Antonio, TX. I did not take enough pictures of the river walk, which stands out in my memory as one of my favorite moments from the trip. The downtown of San Antonio is built along the river which meanders it's way through past walkways, shops and restaurants. It was really stunning. The photo above, which is the only one I took, does not do it justice. You can't really tell, but that's the river behind us.

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