Friday, October 4, 2013


The beast was close enough
I could smell its fishy breath.
I yelled to brother Beanid,
"Prepare yourself for death!"

But Beanid wasn't resigned
To enter in the gaping maw.
He yelled out, "It isn't fitting
To eat a sailor raw."

With that he smashed an oil lantern
Setting the ship a'light,
And the sudden conflagration
Gave the beast a terrible fright.

For with a look of wide-eyed terror
It dove with a parting roar
Creating a wave of such a size
As washed our ship ashore.

And to those who doubt this story
Tell me how else could it be
That our charred and blackened ship
Came to be up in a tree?

Beanid's the hero of the story
For it was he who set the fire
But if the fire hadn't saved us
It would have proved a funeral pyre.

Setting the ship on fire
May have seemed a little hasty
But if Beanid was gonna be food
He wanted to be cooked and tasty.

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