Friday, January 13, 2012

Dear Fellowship of the Octagon,

Greetings Brothers of the Octagonal fellowship!

I trust you have found your accomodations to your liking. Feel free to move things around and arrange things to suit your tastes. I left two keys on the window sill in your room. One is to the house so you may come and go as you please. The other is to a Vespa Scooter parked in the breezeway. Steve's is the green and white one. Job's is blue and white. Joel's is red and white, and John's is kind of a periwinkle color. Mine is white all over. I thought the scooters might be handy for gadding about town. Plus I think it'll look tough if we all venture out in company.

I have a quick housekeeping item to bring to your attention. A reader, who is thrilled by the concept of the fellowship of the Octagon, has asked that we come up with some way to better distinguish who is authoring each individual post. Might I suggest concluding each post by signing in this manner- YOUR NAME, Fellowship of the Octagon, or indicate the author in the subject line as John did the last time he posted. That might make it more plain who is doing the posting.


 Josh Tate, King of the BFZ and Lord of the Octagon

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