Thursday, January 12, 2012

From John's Quarters

Lisa and I traveled down to Torrington, Connecticut this past Sunday morning so that I could bring the morning message at the Advent Christian church there.  As we sat in one of the forward pews listening to the organ prelude - I perused the morning's bulletin and its inserts.  I smiled when I saw that a copy of Have a Good Day was included.  The church we Tate boys grew up in - Chillum Community Church in Chillum, Maryland - subscribed to this little periodical filled with inspirational thoughts, historical tidbits, interesting facts, and light comedy.  I loved that little read and was always pleased to see it tucked into the Sunday bulletin.  There I was - chubby little kid, legs swinging from the wooden pew, slick'em in my hair, a scratchy sweater over a collared shirt, chewing gum on the sneak, thinking far too much about the promise of punch and ice cream following the morning service, and reading the Have a Good Day.  The days of wine and roses!

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