Saturday, January 21, 2012

From John's Quarters

I know far more than I understand.  Just how many truths I hold that can't be applied in some profitable way is hard to determine.  Sadly, much of the truth I have in store I acquired in the same manner that I acquired what food I have in store.  I didn't grow it, farm it, or raise - I bought it.  That doesn't mean that I don't have it and that it's not good and nourishing - it just means that I can't produce more of it for anyone else.  I can only point to the market and encourage the purchase.  It's time I take inventory of my avowals and endeavor to understand them all.  A cowboy may corral a hundred fine horses onto his ranch; but he will not own their speed, strength, or wits as long as they buck the saddle, reject the reins, and spit the bit.  Before I come up with another metaphor to mix up into this thing - know that I simply long to think.  I need to think!

p.s. I love the overstuffed leather chairs in the Octagon's study!



There is more to be known than God has revealed. There is more revealed than we will ever understand. What is revealed is not always grasped correctly and what is grasped correctly is not always fully understood.


Once we apprehend that God is infinite and we are finite we must resign ourselves to be comfortable with mystery.


I love your post by the way. Top shelf.