Saturday, November 24, 2012


 With Thanksgiving in the rear view mirror most Americans have now turned the corner and have focused their festive attention on the biggest holiday of the year, Christmas. However, for a few of the faithful there remains one more holiday to observe before they can give themselves over fully to the Christmas season.
Happy Day is upon us!
Celebrated annually on the occasion of the first nationally televised Redskins game, this year's Happy Day has been scheduled for Monday, December 3rd when the Redskins host the New York Giants under the lights. Of course, the game against the Cowboys this past Thursday was likewise nationally televised, but that was Thanksgiving Day. Consequently, the third of December shall be observed as Happy Day throughout the Bummer-Free Zone. 
The Western Tates will probably spend Happy Day morning going to get a Christmas tree, and then rush home to make a traditional Happy Day meal with all of the fixins'. Then, of course, we'll watch our favorite team lose in a disappointingly unspirited contest. It's tradition! I can't wait to hear Troy Aikman and Pam Oliver talk about how well the Giants played. Of course, no Happy Day would be complete without Rotel.  Rotel tastes like crying.

Happy Day!

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