Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Fox news has just announced that President Obama has sealed the deal with a narrow victory in the Buckeye State. If the right-wing crowd at Fox news has made such a pronouncement it simply must be so. Put Brit Hume on suicide watch! Four years ago such an electoral outcome prompted me to rename my blog the "Bummer-Free Zone." I imagined my blog as an escape and a refugem from such depressing realities as the national trajectory, and so it must remain.

Although the BFZ's election was not covered on Fox, CNN or MSNBC I was also reelected President today. My opponent, Bobby Bag O'Doughnuts, gave me a scare in Jolly County, but ultimately it was strong turnout in Giggle and Happy county that secured for me a return to the Octagon. My first act upon being reelected was to have Bobby Bags tickled for daring to challenge me. That'll learn him!

Here is my election day promise to you, the good people of the Bummer-Free Zone: In 2013 I will beat my all-time posting record of 372 which I set in 2011.

Come away with me to the BUMMER-FREE ZONE!

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