Friday, November 16, 2012


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Check out this beauty of a tent. A few months ago Sarah was loading the kids into the ol' family truckster when she spied this tent on the other side of the chain link fence that separates our home from the San Jacinto State Park. She alerted me to its presence saying, "You have to come see this tent in the State Park. It has a ladder and a second floor."
It did indeed have a ladder inside, which led up to a cozy second floor. The second floor was cleverly designed to rest across the top of a parked vehicle.
The man on the left (holding the coffee mug) was the tent's owner. He graciously permitted me to tour and photograph his tent. The man on the right, a friend of the owner, asked him how much the tent cost and the man shrugged nonchalantly before responding "It was either $1,200.00 or $3,000.00. I can't remember," which told me something about his socioeconomic status. I guaranty you I would have remembered the cost of the tent to the penny if it had cost me that much.

This is the upper floor of the tent which the man was intending to share with his wife that night. Their two young daughters had arranged their sleeping bags downstairs, or should I say downladder (downrungs?). As I took my leave, I asked jokingly "Where does the butler stay?," and the man quick-wittedly turned to his friend and said "I'm not sure. Ron, where are you staying?"

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