Thursday, February 14, 2013


Several years ago I became aware of a calling on my life, which, at this time, I understand as a calling toward pastoral ministry. Toward that end I am enrolled in a MDIV program to get some formal Bible training and equipping. (Learn how you can help with this goal by clicking HERE.) The local church I attend is also great about giving me opportunities to serve and put legs to God's calling on my life.

I decided to share all of this at that time with my boss, Keith, and told him that I felt God would eventually take me away from Camp Maranatha where I am currently employed as Assistant Director. Keith was very gracious and supportive. Not only did he not fire me on the spot, but he has been extremely supportive of how God is directing me.

This past summer Keith even came to me and offered for the camp to send me to a Pastor's Conference in North Carolina at the end of February. I told him I would think about it. In January he revisited the issue with me, and again offered to pay my way to the conference, which is very generous.

I told Keith "No." I had given the matter some thought and decided that because I didn't feel at peace about going to the conference, God was probably directing me not to attend it.

Keith asked me to pray about it some more, and I said I would.

Having said I would pray about it, I set out to do that. I even called a couple of people and asked them to pray about it as well. By the end of the day, I not only felt at peace about going to the conference, I even felt excited about it. I told Keith I would take him up on his offer, which was a 180 from our earlier conversation.

So here's my take on what happened...

I'm embarassed to admit this but I was guilty of thinking about wether or not to attend the conference but not really praying much about it. I had mentioned the matter in prayer a time or two, but it could not be said that I had really sought God about it. That's my big takeaway. This early in my ministry career (for lack of a better term) I couldn't afford to fall into patterns of thinking about things when I needed to be praying about them. Once I put God at the center of the conversation and sought His direction he was pleased to give me a clear answer.

It was the process I was using to make decisions that resulted in my lack of peace.

The cool thing is that shortly after telling Keith I would go to the conference, the President  of the So. Cal. conference, Dave Crimi, offered for the conference to pay Sarah's way to the Pastor's conference as well. That was completely unsolicited! I had never even thought about that as a possibility. Midweek babysitting for the kids quickly fell into place as well. All of this was great confirmation, and now Sarah will get to come along as well. Wowzers!

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