Monday, February 18, 2013

LUKE 18:18-30

The rich young ruler was told to sell all that he had because in his heart he had made an idol of his wealth. In luke 14:33, Jesus says, "In the same way, any of you who does not give up everything he has cannot be my disciple." This, to my mind, is a rewording of the first of the ten commandments, "You shall have no other Gods before me." Of course, not everyone must sell all their posessions in order to follow Christ, just those who have made an idol of their possessions.

Abraham was asked to sacrifice his only son because that was the place in his heart where he was tempted to idolatry.

Gideon was asked to climb up out of a wine press and lead an army of three-hundred against the Amalekite host because he was tempted to make an idol out of safety.

God selected Jonah as his prophet to Nineveh precisely because Jonah was tempted to worship before the idol of hatred he had erected in his heart.

The rich young ruler's heart was naked before Jesus who wasted no time in challenging the hidden idol he had erected inside. My heart, like that of the rich young ruler, is also naked before my Lord. In what areas am I tempted toward idolatry? What will he ask of me to challenge those idols? It's an important question because that is precisely what God will do. It's scary.

My kids?


The opinion of others?

Money stuff?

"Any of you who does not give up everything he has cannot be my disciple."


Jamie Wood said...

A totally new take on that verse for me. Thanks for giving me new insight and a lot to think about. It almost lends itself to a "Murphy's Law" type of thinking if taken the wrong way. "If I'm too happy God is going to shake it up!"

Joshua Tate said...

Yeah, it could definitely be taken that way, but, like you suggested, God is not opposed to happiness. He is opposed to idolatry, and we all are tempted to idolatry in one shape or another. Usually, if we are honest, there is an area or areas that are more difficult to fully submit to His Lordship. The scary thing is that this sensitive area is exactly where God is gonna kick us because He demands that we have no other gods before Him.