Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Who likes asking for money? Nobody, that's who. I would almost rather steal.

However, my continuing education towards a Masters of Divinity degree is resource hungry, and God has willed, for the present, that I remain resource deprived. It is humbling to not be self-sufficient, to confess need, but even in this my education is being furthered. When I first stepped out in faith towards this goal I had concerns about the cost of such a venture, but I felt strongly that if God had called me to pursue it He would not  leave me hanging financially. Over the past several years I have been excited to see how God has confirmed my calling by generously providing for my schooling through people such as yourself.  Right now, I'm praying that God would continue to reveal how He wants me to join Him in the work He is doing, and to provide for my schooling. God has put on my heart a burden for pastoral ministry, but I trust God to reveal the fullness of His plans for me in His timing.

So I will stick my pride in my back pocket, and ask you to prayerfully consider contributing financially toward the equipping work of my education.

If you feel so led, and I hope you do, you may send your gift directly to my school Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary, made payable to "TRINITY COLLEGE OF THE BIBLE." Please write my student ID # in the memo line- 2090132903- and ask that your contribution be put toward Josh Tate's account. Your gift is tax deductible, of course, and Trinity will send you a receipt in the mail.

Trinity College of the BIble and Theological Seminary
4233 Medwell Drive
Newburgh, IN

You may also send a donation directly to me, but such a gift would not be tax deductible. I will be faithful not to spend checks sent directly to me on lickies, chewies, gasoline, diet pepsi or anything other than tuition, books, and other school-related resources.

Josh Tate
PO BOX 618
Idyllwild, CA


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