Monday, February 18, 2013


My brief tenure as a police officer proved formative in some unusual ways. For example, I am almost incapable of folding my laundry today any other way than I was taught at the Academy (Although, Sarah made me stop tri-folding the towels), and it still feels deeply wrong to park a vehicle so that you need to back out when you leave again. I also completely abandoned writing in the lower case during my academy experience, as directed by my superiors, and I have yet to take it back up again. However, the biggest change came to my official signature. On most days police officers will sign their signature dozens of times, and often dozens of time in a row. Consequently, my flowing, pre-2001 signature was reduced to "JBT squiggle." Recently, I encountered a pre-2001 document with my signature scrawled upon it and I thought it was superior to the post-2001 version.
Pre-2001 signature.
Post-2001 signature.
I am thinking about changing my signature back to its pre-2001 form, but the JBT squiggle is on the back of my bank and credit cards as well as on the signature cards of three different bank accounts where I am an official signer. Maybe I'll just change it back for correspondence and such for now, but whenever I move and set up shop in a new place I will change my signature back and leave the JBT squiggle behind forever. I have also decided to start writing with lower case letters again. 

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