Friday, August 17, 2012


BFZ devotees already know that one of my hobbies is to come up with ideas for television commercials, but if you're new to these here parts (Howdy! and Welcome! by the way.) you may check out former examples of my marketing efforts HERE and HERE.

Today, I am bringing a pitch concept to the Milk Council. I think we'll all agree that although the "GOT MILK?" craze had its day the nation is tiring of this ad concept, and it is time to move in a fresh direction.

I propose that the Milk people piggy-back on the Dos Equis "Most Interesting Man in the World" commercials. The ad would be entitled "The Most Boring Man in the World."

First, the narrator, following exactly the format of the Dos Equis commercials, would offer up some amusing examples of how boring this man is;
"He once talked himself to sleep,"
"He keeps his socks and underwear in separate drawers."
"In his free time he likes to read and take walks."
"He collects teddy bears."*

"He is the most boring man in the world."

(Then the camera would pan to a rather ordinary looking fellow behind his desk at work. In front of him is a tall glass of cold milk.)

"I don't always drink things other than water, but when I do I drink milk."

* Of course, if you hired professional writers they could come up with some funnier material. I just submitted these to give the general idea.

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