Thursday, August 2, 2012


Do you know how many gallons of water flow over the lip of Niagara Falls every second?

750,000 gallons a second.


That's 1.5 million gallons every two seconds.

"one-ticklenaked, two-ticklenaked"

That's 45 million gallons a minute.
Two billion seven-hundred million gallons an hour.
Sixty-four billion eight-hundred million gallons a day.

Even so, there are believed to be 346,049,000,000,000,000,000 gallons of water in the world's oceans. That means that if you drained the oceans it would take more than 14,630,855 years for Niagara Falls to fill them back up again. Wow! That's an enormous amount of water. I just blew my mind.

Every time I visit the falls I come away feeling all tingly from the sheer volume and power of the water. You can honestly feel it in the air. If I were the sort of person to form a bucket list, which I am not particularly, I would certainly include a night sleeping next to the falls on my short list of things to do before cashing in my chips. The thought of sleeping next to the falls has always held enormous appeal to me. However, as amazing as the falls are, I am even more amazed by the thought that there is enough water upstream to continually replenish this unceasing outflowing of water.

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