Monday, August 6, 2012


Formerly, I maintained a separate blog for the purpose of documenting Tom Ping's adventures. You may visit that blog by clicking HERE. However, I have recently decided that it would make more sense to simplify things and bring Tom Ping under the banner of the BFZ. I have actually provided him with a home on the swankier side of town and given him a job as Secretary of State for the BFZ. You may call him Secretary Ping from now on. It's a big deal being named Secretary of State because, according to the BFZ's constitution, if I were to die Tom Ping would be fourth in line for the big seat right after Alexander Haig and Steve Maxon.

God Save the King!!!

Here is Secretary Ping posing with an up and coming actor named Robert Lasardo. If you are unfamiliar with Lasardo's work you may check out his demo reel (courtesy of Youtube) by clicking HERE. Mr. Lasardo looks a little intimidating, but he's actually very approachable. A real class act.

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