Thursday, August 2, 2012

William and Phyllis Munn

Our current van, which we bought used, was formerly owned, according to the dealership's records, by William and Phyllis Munn. I have never had the pleasure of meeting Mr. and Mrs. Munn, but I feel a certian connection with them from our shared experience with our Chrysler Town & Country mini-van. Sometimes I wish the van could talk, or reveal secret recordings like the Whitehouse's Watergate tapes. I would like to hear the account of their comings and goings. Occasionally as I'm driving I wonder what they looked like and if they argued in the car. If so, what did they argue about? Were there road trips? Did they pick up hitchhikers? Did they laugh? Did we ever pass them on the freeway unaware that we were passing our future vehicle? I wonder about them.

So I was excited when Sarah and I recently booted up the onboard GPS system and found a single address saved in its memory. 14302 Hatteras Street in Van Nuys, CA. A cursory internet search found that this two bed, single bath home, originally built in 1947, is currently listed for sale. Is this a clue about the Munns? Hmmm...

I hate not knowing the full story. Who are William and Phyllis Munn? What was their interest in the 14302 Hatteras Street address?  It kills me not knowing. If I was independently wealthy I would retain a private investigator to fill in all of life's blanks for me. I wouldn't wonder anymore. I would just call my man, and charge him with scratching my knowledge itch, but, then again, if I was independently wealthy I never would have bought a used van.


Steve said...

I have a pretty good theory on this. I'll elaborate later, but it looks like your van was not the only vehicle they owned. Also I have a number you can call if you want to check it out.


Who needs a private dick when you've got Steve Maxon? Lay it on me, broham.