Friday, August 31, 2012


Occasionally, while I am going about the day to day business of being Josh Tate ideas will just come to me. Imagine me walking the aisles of a Walmart or pumping gas, my mind wandering to and fro, when suddenly the germ of a thought that I find satisfying or helpful comes to me. Most often I do not have pen and paper handy so I just stop in my tracks wherever I am and type these random thought fragments into the notepad function on my phone. Usually they are written in kind of a shorthand fashion, and when I eventually revisit them, sometimes months later, I can't reconstruct the fullness of the moment and context that compelled me to document them in the first place.

I was going back through the notepad function on my phone today and I thought I would type these little doo-dads out before deleting them. At one time I thought they had enough worth that I took the time to record them.

1. Drive thru snow at night like when enterprise used warp drive star trek and stars stream past. "Engage!"

2. Boy's Room- "BUCKS." Girl's Room- "DOES."

3. Being rich almost as bad as being beautiful. Luckily neither. Poor rich and beautiful people!

4. Ruby Falls and Ruby Pools. Emerald fields.

5. Kids will get married someday. Future spouses probably alive right now. Wish could see future spouses and be part of shaping them. Can shape the spouses of my kids' future spouses.

6. Eyes to see and wedding feast.

7. Christians should only go to one gas station, supermarket, hardware store, etc... so to concentrate and maximize personal influence.

8. Ugly for sake of beauty.

9. Ordering your private world.

10. Psalm 104 Taste Life and dependance/ faith psalm 111 also useful.

11. Eight miles past the place where asphalt gave way to dirt. Way, way out.

12. I have potatos but no money. Better learn to bake potatos.

13. Airport is beautiful word. A port for an aircraft. Evocative perfect. Glad that was name that caught on to describe that. It's artful not utilarian.

14. Need love interest for T. Ping like Pam and Jim. First need chronicle Ping's love misadventures. Online dating profile? Dates. Stalker?

15. Giraffes are like Dr. Seuss animal. Spots? Super Long neck? Two little fuzzy horns on top?

16. Need self-cooling beverage container. Just pull cord, shake, unscrew cap and cools automatically. Chemical reaction? Has to be.

17. Don't trust with administrative details. Just vision, ideas and selling pitch.

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