Thursday, August 2, 2012


I wanted to bring you an update on my shoes. I know that some of you only continue to check in here at the BFZ to get periodic reports on the status of my footwear line up. Let me begin with a piece of sad news- this last winter I brought down a firestorm of controversy when I added a pair of shoes to the team from Camp Maranatha's Lost and Found. That was a tough decision, but in retrospect it was the right call. They served nobly during a season when the state of my footwear was at an all time low, and I did not have the necessary funding to obtain new shoes. Well, I am sad to report that I disposed of the Lost & Found shoes earlier today to make room for some new additions. The BFZ thanks them for their service, and for not giving me athlete's foot.

On a brighter note, thanks to mi amiga Sheri Christiansen I was recently gifted with two new pairs of shoes. She is also my primary suspect, by the way in, the case of the mysterious sandals which arrived under suspicious circumstances in the mail over a year ago. You long time readers will recall what I am talking about. As the story goes, these shoes were originally purchased for Sheri's husband, but for some reason they were weighed, weighed and found wanting. So it was left for me to receive the scraps from Mr. Christiansen's table, which I did with joy of course. They are beautiful shoes.

The first pair have instantly leap-frogged the other shoes in my possession to assume the coveted role of Captain of my footwear. They are Sperry Top-Siders, which I understand are kind of a high-end shoe. I recently gave them the start for a day trip to the Los Angeles Natural History Museum, which is a long, on-your-feet kind of day. Not only are they comfortable and stylish (I have actually received a number of compliments on them) but they just make me feel like a Kennedy or something-  like I am planning to go out in my yacht, and then return to Hyannis Port later on for a dinner party.
The second pair of shoes are a nice pair of Rockports, which brings some classy depth to my dress shoes. Aside from trying them on I have not yet had occasion to wear them, but they are being held in reserve alongside the Ol' Wing Tips for a worthy occasion that calls for a splashy debut.
I will keep you posted on my shoes' affairs as new developments warrant.

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The Fredricksons: Brian, Britney, Salty, and Benji said...

I actually had been wondering about your shoes. And I must say, both of those new members are quite nice. Quite nice indeed.